An Ecology of Souls

Creating Characters

Step One: Create your character prior to his/her powers manifesting. Use the benchmarks on page 30 of M&M to gauge what’s considered “normal” attribute scores. Don’t use more than 50 power points to build your normal character.

Consider the character’s early life, professional experience, hobbies, etc. and choose the appropriate abilities, skills and feats.

For simplicity, we will be dropping the basic ability scores and using only the modifiers, e.g. Dexterity +2 instead of Dexterity 14. Modifiers cost 2 points per +1 to an ability.

Step Two: Add your character’s paranormal abilities, making him/her Power Level 8 with 120 total power points.

At the cost of 15 power points, a player may increase the power level for his character to 9.

Don’t forget to add your character to the campaign website by going here and entering in your character’s information.


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